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My husband and I have been reflecting on our failed IVF here and there. The wounds aren't as fresh as they were a couple weeks ago. My next worry is what's next? What if our doctor thinks that my eggs truly are bad? Is there any way to help that? I have no clue.

I'm dreading our follow-up appointment. My doctor happens to be a teaching doctor so he always has residents with him. I've always been up for them being a part of everything. But now... For our follow-up... I don't think that I want 2 additional ears in on that conversation. It's going to be a tough afternoon. I've cried enough in front of Dr. P, but I really don't think I'm going to like potentially crying in front of 2 other people I've never seen. I'm just not comfy with that...


In other news...

I just have to say... I'm sick of hearing about Kourtney Kardashian and her 'shocking' pregnancy. I'm sick of hearing about the 'should I or shouldn't I keep it' stories. Why would you put that out there. I do believe that every woman should have a choice. I know that I don't have to read this stuff... But it takes up time at work, during slow times... Every day it's something new. Nothing like exploiting your kid for everything you can get out of them. I wonder how much People paid her for the stories? I wish it was as simple as 'missing' a pill here and there... and POOF!

Ok... Mini rant over... The Jealous Infertile is rearing her ugly head...


Eileen said...

You shouldn't feel bad about not wanting the interns in on that very private conversation. That meeting should be all about you, and you don't need anyone there making it any more difficult than it will already be. Good luck. I am praying that the dr will have some answers for you and a good plan of action for the future. *HUGS*


Lucy said...

I hope your follow-up appointment goes well. They suck--I know the feeling waiting to see if there's some bomb being dropped, not to mention the inability to hold back the tears (so don't!).

jenicini said...

I agree with Eileen. If you don't want a resident in on this meeting, it is completely understandable. Having a failed IVF is heartbreaking. Your meeting is your chance to understand and begin to assess your options so that you can move on. That is incredibly hard. I had my failed beta on Monday and am going in today. I'm scared.

Sending as many warm fuzzies as I have, your way today.

Ashley said...

I don't think you should feel bad about not wanting other people in the WWW meeting. I'm so sorry you have to do that!

I am totally bored of Kourtney Kardashian and her accident too. She's an idiot.

I may just be a jealous infertile also . . . . can you tell?


T Lee said...

You shouldn't have to have extra ears if you don't want to... and I think if you tell the docs office that they'll understand.
Good luck getting some answers (I'm about a week behind you on that... as usual, lol).

Lin said...

I hope that you get good, actionable answers at your f/u! I agree with the other ladies...you shouldn't have to have anyone intern ears there if you don't want them there. (((HUGS))) for all you've been through.

I completely agree about Kim Kardashian! Gags me everytime I hear that story!


The Unproductive One said...

Your health is exactly that YOUR health and you should only have to discuss with people that you absolutely have to, having extra ears listen in on a conversation that is going to be hard enough as it is, is not what you need right now!

Completely agree with everything you say about Kourtney (who spells Courtney with a K anyway!?!).


Fertility Chick said...

Like the previous posters, I agree that you have every right not to want the interns in your follow-up meeting. This is hardly an unreasonable request in my opinion! I wish you all the best with it.

And I am so with you about Kourtney...UGH.


Barefoot said...

I hope you don't have too many spectators at your follow-up meeting -- and totally agree that you should request no audience if you feel like it!

And I hear you on Kourtney and all of the other celebrity preggos....this week's People has some sort of 8-page spread with tons of celebrity baby pictures and it still pisses me off to have to wade through it. Ugh.

Gabby said...


found your blog through ICLW -

totally agree with everyone else. just tell the doc, me and you, okay, we don't need to have the interns, right? i'm sure he will understand!

i definitely like the idea of finding joy in the journey.. someone else wrote a post about the things infertility has taught me, and i thought it was awesome. it's all part of the journey! i'm still on the journey for a baby too.

i documented my wtf appt questions - feel free to check my blog for them.