Bald?!? WTF???

So... I'm 30 years old... I just noticed a few days ago that my hair was getting pretty thin at the front. Now, mind you I have a TON of freaking hair. I'm so freaked out by the thought of this. But, I'm not losing clumps of hair or anything. I'm not noticing any more falling out than the normal few strands a day.

I've gone over anything new and out of the ordinary in my life. But, nothing sticks out as being a reason I would have thinning hair. My only thoughts are that 1) I have developed a thyroid issue, 2) the after effects from our latest GonalF/IUI, 3) STRESS STRESS STRESS or 4) all of the above. **UGH**

Thankfully, right now I seem to be the only person who notices. But, I really need to figure it out and get it all under control... I really don't want to end up looking like my uncles!!! LOL

**Edit to Add**
I had DH check the side effects of my Beta Blocker and he told me that in rare cases it causes reversable hair loss. Four hours later on a trip to Home Depot he tells me that he really thinks it is the Beta Blocker. I asked him how that could be. He explained that it occurs in less then 1% of the people who use it. I was still confused... Well, in my drunken psychotic state earlier in the day I took that to mean that it would make bald men regrow hair, not make my hair fall out... LMAO

And since I've noticed this issue within the last month it very well could be the issue. Definitely something I am going to have to bring up to me doctor when I go see him next week...


The Devil is Clomid

Some women are lucky enough to have a friendly relationship with Clomid...But, those women like me (you know who you are), immediately sprout horns, have night sweats and go crazy. I tried to keep the crazy to a minimum, which is why I took it at night, but within minutes of taking it I began tofeel funny. I would immediately excuse myself to bed and pray that I wouldfall asleep fast. I spent 6 of my cycles un-monitored and just used my Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor to track any ovulation. I only ovulated(O'd) on my third cycle but couldn't time the baby dancing (BD) properly.

My 7th round of clomid was with another doctor (my general OB/GYN). He monitored me because he wanted to see how my ovaries responded. I was devastated when I went in on CD19 and had not even a tiny follie trying togrow. I was by myself (bad idea), I think my OB/GYN thought that I was going to have a nervous breakdown right there in his office. A 29 year old sobbing in his office. I'm fairly certain that my chart is now "Red Flagged". I wasn't crazy or anything but I was pretty inconsolable. On the drive home, I could barely speak, let along breathe. I got home and my husband came and laid down with me. He held me and told me that we would eventually figure it out.

During my visit to the office my OB/GYN recommended that I go to another doctor because he could no longer help me. I took the advice of my best friend who was newly pregnant via IVF and LOVED her new doctor. I made an appointment after doing some research on their doctors and found that theyhad a PCOS specialist. My appointment was right before the 4th of July. Wewere both so nervous but walked out of the meeting with a plan and are newed sense of hope.

No more clomid... No more crazy lady... No more horns...


How much longer can we handle disappointment?

I don't think that we ever expected our journey to a baby to be like this. Even with the diagnosis of PCOS we figured it would take us a few round of Clomid and then we'd be on our way to having a family. As each round passed with no ovulation our prayers seemed farther and farther away. Of the 7 rounds of Clomid we went through ovulation only occured one time. SO disappointing...

I remember asking several doctors to test my husband's sperm, but kept hearing, he's young and healthy he should be OK. Finally, I insisted after visiting my 3rd doctor (an OB who performed IUI's). He went to the doctor's office and 'deposited' his sample. A few days later we got his results. Definitely wasn't what we were expecting. We were told that his count and motility wasn't too good. In one word... CRUSHED...

We brushed ourselves off and realized we needed to move on. We made an appointment with a new RE, whose group recently had a successful IVF with our best friends. Once meeting with with their PCOS specialist, we realized that this group was the group that we needed all along. When we left our meeting, we left with a plan. We would begin our first inject/IUI cycle once my next cycle started.

We FINALLY felt like we were on the right path...


Hi. I'm Kerri and I'm infertile...

I've tried blogging a million times over the last few years. But, I could never find the right words to convey my thoughts on our infertility struggle. I have PCOS. My husband has Male Factor Infertility (low count and motility). We've been through 7 rounds of Clomid, man painful exams and tests along with 3 injectable and IUI cycles (more on that later)... with no results.

I've been living with a diagnosed case of PCOS for close to 10 years. It can be a devastating condition. I'm working very hard to beat PCOS and not let it beat me! I've lost almost 40 pounds in the last 8 months. I have more to go, but I feel a huge relief so far... It's a great accomplishment.

I'm having surgery to remove a polyup and for my Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) to exam the shape of my uterus, in just 2 weeks. I'm nervous, but I hope that it will help and provide answers to our infertility. We want nothing more than to have a baby...