I Can See Clearly Now... The Rain Is Gone...

Well, that might be an overstatement. But this weekend was the first that I haven't dwelled on the fact that we're infertile or that all our friends have babies or our IVF failed. Sure, I've thought about all of the above, but I've been able to tear myself away and think about other things... or nothing at all... that's even better!

I have no doubt that my 'magic pill' (the Wellbutrin that my Dr. Rx me this past week) has something to do with it. But, it was something that needed to be done. I am glad he was so quick to call it in for me.

I'm still losing my hair like there is no tomorrow and I think it's actually getting worse. Not sure what to do about that. My acupuncturist gave me some supplements that are supposed to help. I haven't started them yet, but I will tomorrow. I don't know if it is the stress, my hormones, or if God is being funny and wants to make me look like all my Uncles... or maybe it is all of the above. I recently had my thyroid checked and I know it isn't that... I love my hair... but I'm even afraid to run my fingers through it... anyone have any suggestions or tips?

Tonight is fried chicken night in our household. It was a big hit that last time I made it... and by big hit, I mean that Rick loved it... LOL Wish me luck so I don't burn down the house... :D


Banana Pancakes said...

I'm sure its just whacky hormones trying to get back in balance, but I have heard good things about this "ovation cell therapy" stuff for re-growing hair. Not sure on it, but it may be worth a shot.


Jessica Segarra said...

I hear Biotin helps! You can buy it cheap at Cvs or Walgreens and supposedly the you can take up to 500mg healthily per day! I have started taking it to help grow out my hair...and I don't know if my hair is growing yet...but my nails are growing like crazy!

Carrie said...

Oh man, we all know those hormones MESS with you so much. I started taking a serious vitamin B supplement when going through all the miscarriages and treatments, and it helped my mood and hair/nails a lot.

Fried chicken sounds AWESOME! Enjoy it... and try not to burn down the house. ;)