Happy Dance....

Today was follie scan #2. While I've spent the last 5 days freaking out about my inital antral follicle count, my fears were eased today by Dr. Silva. During my scan he stated that my right ovary still had 4 follicles and then he spent a lot of time looking at my left ovary. I immediately began thinking that it was over and that my left ovary was still sleeping....

that is until he started counting... he counted 1-10 quicker than I could blink... 10 FREAKING FOLLICLES. In a year my left ovary has shown no signs of life until today! Dr Silva stated that since I am AO, it is very common for women to have little to no antrals on the baseline but that if I still didn't have much today THEN it would be time to worry I was so happy I could barely contain myself. I was so happy I did a happy dance while STILL in the stirrups.

I got a call back this afternoon with my E2 numbers. A very small rise. Only up to 68. They have now upped my dose to 225IU Gonal F and 150IU Menopur nightly. I go back in Friday at 9 for follow-up bloodwork and another scan.

I'm so excited that there is progress. Just hoping for A LOT more progress Friday morning!

IVF Progress to Date
July 8 - Baseline b/w and scan... yielded 4 antral follicles on right ovary/left ovary 'quiet'
July 12 - E2 Level - 55
July 14 - Follow-up b/w and scan... yielded 4 follies on right ovary/10 follies on left ovary

Coming up...
July 17 - B/w and Scan at 9:00


Carrie said...

Hi Kerri,

So excited for your follicle count! That is amazing!!! I have done a happy dance in stirrups, too... and it is quite amusing for all involved.

Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. All those words of encouragement are amazing and my cervix heard you! ;)

Lisa said...

Stopping by from CycleSista. I'm a little behind you, start stimming tonight. I hope your appointment tomorrow goes well and you see lots of progress!