Surgery - Post Op Day 1

Yesterday was my surgery. Everything went off without a hitch. The staff was very in tune with my needs. They had me sedated as I asked for and I was out like a light within seconds of going into the OR.

I woke up and saw my RE's intern standing over me. She said and I quote "You probably won't remember a word of this, but everything went fine, we removed the polyup. As well as cleaned up your uterus. It was thick and shaggy." I remember closing my eyes, looking up at her and said "Like a carpet?!?" She looked down and laughed. She told me that Dr. P would go over everything at my post-op in 2 weeks.

Rick brought me home and took excellent care of me. This experience was a complete 180 for me from my last surgery. I'm very excited to go back to Dr. P and go over everything. Looks like if everything goes as planned, our IVF cycle will begin in just a few short weeks....

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