Coming Soon...


We are excited and extremely nervous at the same time. We met with our RE today and went over the plan. We are waiting for my next cycle to start (which should be any day) and then we begin. Dr. P. recommended that we incorporate ICSI into our IVF due to Rick's count. We were hoping to forgo ICSI but we want to ensure that we end up with some great embies.

I've always been concerned about my FSH levels (I have no clue why, I can only guess because I've never heard anything about them). I asked Dr. P. about them today and was very pleasantly surprised that my number was so low. I registered at a 4!! So my eggs should be great and I should have plenty to go around.

We've been really worried about this IVF for sometime. We knew that we could afford to pay for it, but we knew that we would need a loan to do it. We had all of our ducks in a row when we found out that Capital One was no longer going to be offering fertility loans any longer... After a small break down and a very calm and collected conversation with my mother. She ever so graciously offered to loan us the money. I've never been so touched... So, my mother is officially our investor... :D

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