We Have Liftoff

Today we tightened the IVF belt one more notch. Today was our baseline scan and blood work. I'm a chronic Googler. I google everything. I spent most of the weekend googling everything from antral follicles to IVF/ICSI stats.

When we arrived at the RE's office, we were ushered right back into the exam room. I went through the unceremonious task of undressing from the waist down, hopping up onto the exam table and scooching down the end of the table. It's always much more comforting to have Rick there with me. My favorite nurse came in to draw my blood. I expressed my fears to her and she easily calmed them for me. I asked her about antral follicles and if they were necessary (during our 3rd IUI I didn't have any at my baseline), she explained that because of suppressing the body on Lupron, you don't always see a lot or any. She told me not to worry and that with the increased meds, I should respond as inspected.

My RE is on vacation this week so I was supposed to see another RE, but he was running a smidge late because of the weather. Another doctor was there to perform my u/s. They first checked my lining which was at 5. They started to count antrals on my right ovary and got to 4 before stopping and just noting multiple antrals. I have a potential lazy left ovary. My left ovary has never produced a follicle in any of my scans. My right ovary seems to be the workhorse. I've asked my RE about this before and he said that we will have to wait and see how the left responds to the increased dose of meds. I'm hoping that it will wake from it's slumber and help us out...

I finally got my phone call regarding my b/w results and finally got the green light. All of my stressing and worrying this weekend for nothing. I felt a HUGE relief when she called and said that I can start stimming tomorrow night!

I go back on Sunday for follow up b/w to see how I'm responding. I'm hoping that we move right along and GET ER DONE!!! WOO HOO!!

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ap said...

Best of luck! Looking forward to reading about the exciting news!