Meet Kevin

For those of you who have seen the movie Up, you'll understand where his name comes from. Kevin appeared in our neighbor's yard across the street from our house this past Friday. He made his home in the planter of her yard and the neighbor directly next to her. Kevin spent the entire weekend facing our house and sleeping on our roof at night.

People who were walking down the street or riding their bikes stopped to take photos of him all weekend. I witnessed a guy so startled by Kevin's presence that he almost fell off his bike. While that in and of it self would have been tragic, he didn't thus making it hysterical. I was so intrigued by Kevin that I kept myself firmly planted on the couch just to see him. I know, I know... makes me sound so pathetic. But really, it was a great weekend, free of stress... My goal for these next 4-6 weeks...
With everything going on, I look at everything. It occurred to me that maybe Kevin is a sign. He was our own personal stork. The photo above was taken Monday evening. Kevin held his arms open almost all weekend. Almost as if to cradle a baby. It's a nice thought huh?
Kevin left us Sunday. While I was disappointed, because he provided a lot of entertainment for us and the dogs. I understood. We're not his home. If even for a brief moment, he sure did brighten our day... Kevin reappeared Monday evening right before I got home from work and remained even through a really strong thunderstorm. He's a beautiful bird. I hope he doesn't stay away for too long. :)

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ap said...

I think this is the sweetest thing...really.