Teenie Weenie Vacation

Well, it's Florida and it's sweltering right now. It's currently about 95 degrees outside except The Weather Channel states that it is 85 degrees, which is seriously a crock of shit! You can't even walk outside without immediately breaking into a solid sweat. It's not pretty.

Rick's family takes an annual vacation to the beach. We typically don't stay since we live about 5 miles away from where they stay. But we always take a long weekend and spend some time out here. It's always peaceful. We eat, laugh and play a ton of games. Sometimes we just nap. The heat however takes a toll on you. Especially during the stimming process. Heat and I do not mix. I would rather walk through the Arctic cold dodging polar bears and rabid penguins than deal with the heat. I think that this is one reason why God will grant us a BFP and my EDD will be during the winter or spring. The summer and I and a pregnancy would be awful. Talk about cranky and horrid... That would be me!

Today is day 3 of stimming and AF seems to be tapering off. I've felt really good so far and am hopeful that we will get a decent amount of follies and some awesome quality eggs to use... Can't wait. It's going to be grrrreat!

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Melissa G said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend despite the heat.

Glad your stims are going well. I'm rooting your BFP too!