Our lil' Science Expierement

Our journey to our lil' science experiment began last Friday. With that, I had my initial blood work done to check various levels of my thyroid, FSH, estridol, and a bunch of other crap I can't remember...

Today, Rick was home to receive our shipment of meds. I knew it was going to be a lot, but I really never expected to come home to the amount of stuff we received. And for your viewing pleasure... Please note... I didn't take everything out of their boxes because I was too afraid to mix stuff up! LOL

Tomorrow we have an injectables class... Now, I've already taken plenty of shots in all of our previous attempts but, apparently, it is imperative that they show me how to inject the Lupron into my thigh. I just want to point out that combined with my Gonal-F needles I have over 100 needles staring back at me.

Today's arrival really makes this impending IVF seem more real. So will tomorrow when we walk into the doctor's office and they demand $8800 from us... There is a check I never thought I would need to write... It will hurt, but the end result will be so good... We both can only hope and pray... :)

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Banana Pancakes... With no little monkey to feed them to. said...

You will most definitely be in my prayers sister.... pretty soon you'll have the face of a beautiful baby in your arms instead of 100 needles! That will make it all worth it! :D