Bald?!? WTF???

So... I'm 30 years old... I just noticed a few days ago that my hair was getting pretty thin at the front. Now, mind you I have a TON of freaking hair. I'm so freaked out by the thought of this. But, I'm not losing clumps of hair or anything. I'm not noticing any more falling out than the normal few strands a day.

I've gone over anything new and out of the ordinary in my life. But, nothing sticks out as being a reason I would have thinning hair. My only thoughts are that 1) I have developed a thyroid issue, 2) the after effects from our latest GonalF/IUI, 3) STRESS STRESS STRESS or 4) all of the above. **UGH**

Thankfully, right now I seem to be the only person who notices. But, I really need to figure it out and get it all under control... I really don't want to end up looking like my uncles!!! LOL

**Edit to Add**
I had DH check the side effects of my Beta Blocker and he told me that in rare cases it causes reversable hair loss. Four hours later on a trip to Home Depot he tells me that he really thinks it is the Beta Blocker. I asked him how that could be. He explained that it occurs in less then 1% of the people who use it. I was still confused... Well, in my drunken psychotic state earlier in the day I took that to mean that it would make bald men regrow hair, not make my hair fall out... LMAO

And since I've noticed this issue within the last month it very well could be the issue. Definitely something I am going to have to bring up to me doctor when I go see him next week...

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