Break on Through to the Other Side (trying anyway!)

So... First off, thank you for all of the well wishes from my last blog. It really mean so much. :)

Secondly, there isn't too much to report except we are tying to find a good adoption attorney in the area. I know that we will need a home study but other than that, I have no clue what needs to happen. I guess that is why I pay the attorney the big buck right?!?

I feel like we are kind of at an empasse. We want to prep and be ready, but we don't want to be too ready... Does that make sense? So... What we have decided to do is get as much stuff done to the house as needed, replace flooring, windows, prep a pseudo nursery. I need to plan. Plan, plan, plan... I can't just find out one day we are adopting this sweet boy and not have anything ready. I don't need tons of clothes yet or anything but I have to have his furniture.

We haven't told everyone yet, just some select family and friends. We are o grateful for e support we have. We would love to tell everyone but it really is just one of this things where we don't want to tell so many people and then on the off chance that this doesn't work have to explain it all to everyone...

Please keep us in your prayers... We need them!! :)

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