Manic Monday #2

* I can't believe that in 4 days I will be taking my first dose of Lupron and our IVF will finally be underway!

* Why is the weekend only 2 days long? I think it should be a mandatory 3 days (at least)

* Father's Day was a nice little Sunday this year. Wishing and hoping that next year, Rick will get his first father's day!

* Never underestimate the power of a dogs love. We have 2 pups and no matter what they always know when you are in need of a little extra TLC... We love them so much... :)

* We had our IVF consent signing Friday. It was kind of weird. It felt like a very solemn thing. We had to go through 18 pages of documentation. Kinda like signing our mortgage documents. Weird but invigorating.

*I had breakfast with my mom Saturday. There is just something about talking to mom one on one that anyways makes me feel better. I know that she will always be there though thick and thin. I'm a lucky lucky girl...

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